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This is an editor for creating xml data based on a definition. It then provides editors for the data types specified, which can be given ranges, default values, allowed values etc to make the data as simple as possible to edit.

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This tool is open source, licensed under the apache 2.0 license. You can find the repository on github.


  • Add support for giving data files a custom extension, and choosing whether the data should be xml or json.
  • Add a ProjectView tool that allows browsing the data files in the project.
  • Add support for adding attributes to the xmldef. This is found by checking the 'HasAttributes' attribute on an element.
  • Add grouping of entries in the reference dropdown. e.g. Apples,Oranges,Carrots,Cucumber -> Fruit(Apples,Oranges),Vegetables(Carrots,Cucumber).
  • Allow for far more complex visibleif bindings. They can now bind to the values of attributes, and also use a path from the current node. e.g. Apples.Name or Parent.Size.
  • Collections can now have multiple allowed child types. The one to be spawned can be chosen via the dropdown by the add button.
  • Files now display a preview of any linked images. Additionally in the timeline if a keyframe contains a fileimage then it will display a preview of that too.


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